Friday, June 7, 2013

Loyal Customer Program

Loyal Customer Program

Get wholesale distributor pricing (20-50% off) every time you shop as  Loyal Customer. It is FREE to join, and you will begin earning Perk Points for each order you place.

    *When you agree to participate in our auto-ship program for a minimum of 3 consecutive months, you will have access to all the It Works products at wholesale pricing.

    *As a Loyal Customer, you are only required to order one product item each month. You can place as many or as few items as you like on your monthly shipment, as long as you fulfill the one item minimum.

    *Some months you just might not need the same item(s) again, or you may want to try something new. We understand that, which is why you can change your auto-ship order to meet your needs each month.

As a Loyal Customer, you earn 10% of the wholesale dollar value of your purchases in PerkPoints( for example, $100 worth of products purchased at wholesale pricing earns you 10 Perk Points)

After 4 consecutive months as a Loyal Customer, you can redeem the Perks Points you have earned for FREE products! (1 Perk Point = $1)

After you have been a Loyal Customer for 6 months, you receive an additional 50 Perk Points! And at 12 months, you earn an additional 150 Perk Points!

You also receive FREE standard shipping on all auto ship orders over $125 and you start getting FREE standard shipping after your 4th month!

Thank you for being a Loyal Customer! I am here to help you to succeed in your personal health goals! Please call me when your box arrives so I can either walk you through your first wrap over the phone or I am happy to make a personal visit if you are local to me to wrap you real quick to show you how to wrap and get you on a schedule so YOU achieve the best results for you!

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