Saturday, June 8, 2013

Become a Distributor with Music City Wrappers and It Works!

Become a Distributor with Music City Wrappers!

Work from home on your own time. You can earn money and products by selling online, over the phone, or by throwing parties. What?! Paid for partying? Yes. You can make money by partying! $99 for the start up kit (which is on sale for a limited time. Normal price is $199!) comes with all you need to start your business, including your own website, catalog, order forms, blitz cards, and a box of wraps worth $99. It also includes a Work From Home Success Magazine valued at $30 to help you along.

The following chart shows monthly earnings by average. Within my first month, I made $341 and making more every day. We have products for almost anyone so they sell themselves!

You are not alone. You will have tons of people backing you up on your team. You will go through a university to help to educate you on your journey of becoming a distributor. If you sign up under Music City Wrappers
you will have full access to me for any questions or a

dvice. We might even make it possible to get together for your first Launch Party if we are close. If not, I can get you in contact with someone near you who would help!

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