Friday, June 7, 2013

ATTENTION SALONS,SPAS, MASSAGE THERAPISTS!more money for your business!!

The Advantages of a Salon/Spa Signing Up Loyal Customers!! by Music City Wrappers Updated June 6, 2013

Earning the $600 BONUS & Bigger Retail Profits: If the salon/spa etc. signs up 60 "Active" Loyal Customers (meaning the LC does not have to have their auto-ship still on, BUT they must have completed the 3 moth auto-shipment commitment and not canceled) and a PBV of 3,000 they will earn the $600 Loyal Customer Bonus (formerly known as the Car Bonus)!! This is paid out monthly as long as the requirements are met! That can help pay for part of the mortgage, lease or booth rental. They can make car payments, pay for education, groceries, salon supplies etc. with that LC Bonus!!! Don't forget about Wrap Rewards: for every 2 Loyal Customers the salon/spa signs up, they get to order a box of Facials for $19.95 or Wraps for just $25 and shipping is included in those prices! That brings their profit margin way up for wraps they are retailing. So their cost for a box of 4 Ultimate Body Applicator then becomes $6.25 each!!! A box of 4 facials is roughly $4.98!!! If they are retailing each wrap for $25, $30 or $35, then they are making money on top on money with Wrap Rewards!!

Fit Works:
ALSO... All Loyal Customers can be a part of the Fit Works Program for FREE (it use to be $29 mo. for LC to participate in the Fit Works Program)! And the salon/spa earns the "obvious" Commission Check too!!! If the Salon owner signs up any DTs within the salon, their Dts/Stylist etc. can earn these same pay and advantages...Can You Say Motivated Workers!

Creating Offers/Putting The Customer First ALWAYS = PROFIT for Salons: Your salon can offer the Loyal Customer program to their faithful customers or those that really LOVE the wraps or have big goals in firming saggy skin from weight loss or as the client is losing weight from any current weight loss effort they are doing (in other words it doesn't have to be Fit Works). It can be an exclusive "VIP" program that they can offer to those customers. Or offer it as a New Years Resolution Offer, Spring Slim Down Challenge, Super Skinny Summer program etc.. I personally think it should be offered to every customer that walks in the door. The LC program WILL benefit THEIR customers. The customer will have direct shipping to their home or business. If the client wants to bring the wrap in to have the salon owner put it on them, the owner can charge a small service fee for that.
* The client will earn up to 50% discount on all products!
* $50 in Perks Points (shopping spree) after 6th consecutive moth auto-shipment then
* $150 in Perks Points (shopping spree) (perk points) after their 12th consecutive months on auto ship.

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