Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What we offer

What we offer


Ultimate Body Applicators – Expect “ultimate” results with this amazing 45-­minute target specific body Applicator! This is a non-­woven cloth infused with a powerful, botanically-­based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results. It continuously hydrates for firmer, smoother, more youthful-­looking skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. See results in only 45 minutes.

Defining Gel -­ Luxurious hydration meets slimming results with this firming and detox formula to minimize the appearance of skin dimples and varicose veins. It is the perfect companion to our Ultimate Applicator. It's also great for brightening up tattoos!

Stretch Mark Crème – Revolutionize your skin care regimen with luxurious moisture that multi-­tasks. This is a powerful combo of anti-­aging botanicals to help restore the skin’s youthful glow, while balancing skin tone to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and other skin scarring.

Facial Applicators – Our exclusive 45-­minute Facial Applicator uses a cream-­infused cloth wrap to deliver intense anti-­aging benefits to the face that dramatically minimize signs of aging in just 45 minutes. It tightens and firms the skin for a lifting effect, helps combats the appearance of aging skin, and deeply hydrates without clogging pores for fresher, more luminous skin.

Prevent Age Moisturizer–Wrinkles and other signs of aging begin forming years before they are clearly visible.Use a daily anti-­aging moisturizer before they appear. Use soothing botanical extracts and vitamins to help neutralize the harmful effects of the environmental factors, such as damaging solar rays and pollutants that contribute to signs of aging.

Repair Age Moisturizer – Are wrinkles forever? Not anymore! This is a revolutionary moisturizing facial cream that is good for all skin types. It improves firmness and evens skin tone. It produces a tightening effect for lift and vitality.

Cleanser/Toner – Our cleanser is a gentle, moisturizing, foaming cleanser formulated for all skin types. It removes environmental pollutants, oil, dirt, and makeup without drying and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and silky. Our toner is a soothing alcohol-­free moisturizing formula that hydrates, tones, softens, and refreshes skin

Our Supplements to detoxify and rebuild you from the inside out:

Vital – supplies your body with all the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phyto-­nutrients needed on a daily basis to aid in health and is formulated using the absolute highest quality ingredients with the highest effectiveness to your body. Mint-­flavored coating keeps the ingredients fresh and tastes great.

Greens – Not eating your fruits and vegetables like you should? This is a super-­food blend of Orange flavored alkalizing drink powder to help detoxify, alkalize the body and balance the immune system. This equals 8 servings of fruits and vegetables. Disease cannot grow in an alkaline body!

Regular – Are you REGULAR? This life-­changing naturally based supplement is designed to aid in elimination, restore and support normal colon function naturally and gently.

New You – WANT A New You? Our Body Regenerating Formula with Natural Growth Hormone Enhancers turn back the hands of time from the inside out. This one-of-­a­kind longevity formula is designed to stimulate and support the production and release of the body’s own human growth hormone. This aids in building lean muscle mass, exercise endurance, and helps provide better sleep and memory.

Relief – Feeling Achy? Our formula with Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate promotes health, supports flexible joints to bend with ease and helps strengthen cartilage.

Confianza – GOT STRESS? Confianza™ is a naturally based supplement that increases your energy levels while reducing stress and fatigue. Its special blend of herbs was developed to provide a safe way to enhance your ability to cope with a stressful life. Confianza's proprietary blend of herbs includes many ingredients called adaptogens.
Adaptogens are natural substances that work through the adrenal glands to produce adjustments in the body that help combat stress and increase your resistance to it.

Ultimate Thermofit –Fire up your metabolism with this naturally based thermogenic weight loss formula! UltimateThermoFit™helps to reduce appetite, increase lean body mass, boost metabolic rate to burn more calories, and increase energy levels.

Fat Fighter – Have a sweet tooth? A carb craving? It’s okay to indulge every once in awhile when you have the Advanced formula Fight Fighter with Carb inhibitors. This AMAZING supplement blocks 78% of carbohydrates and 28% of fat out of each meal you take it after!

Estro-­Rhythm – Want your rhythm back? The world’s first naturally based, single-­use daily system for menopausal symptoms. Its superior formulation uses all natural active ingredients with scientifically proven benefits without the worries associated with synthetic solutions. without stripping it of essential moisture. Restores skin to its natural pH.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Do it now!!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Video: Learn how to start your business FREE

This is what I did to get my business started risk free. I knew that I would be able to sell the wraps that came in the kit and make my money back I spent on the $99 kit.

If you are interested in enrolling please contact me:
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Become a Distributor with Music City Wrappers and It Works!

Become a Distributor with Music City Wrappers!

Work from home on your own time. You can earn money and products by selling online, over the phone, or by throwing parties. What?! Paid for partying? Yes. You can make money by partying! $99 for the start up kit (which is on sale for a limited time. Normal price is $199!) comes with all you need to start your business, including your own website, catalog, order forms, blitz cards, and a box of wraps worth $99. It also includes a Work From Home Success Magazine valued at $30 to help you along.

The following chart shows monthly earnings by average. Within my first month, I made $341 and making more every day. We have products for almost anyone so they sell themselves!

You are not alone. You will have tons of people backing you up on your team. You will go through a university to help to educate you on your journey of becoming a distributor. If you sign up under Music City Wrappers
you will have full access to me for any questions or a

dvice. We might even make it possible to get together for your first Launch Party if we are close. If not, I can get you in contact with someone near you who would help!

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Become a Distributor - Commercial

Change your life NOW!

ATTENTION SALONS,SPAS, MASSAGE THERAPISTS!more money for your business!!

The Advantages of a Salon/Spa Signing Up Loyal Customers!! by Music City Wrappers Updated June 6, 2013

Earning the $600 BONUS & Bigger Retail Profits: If the salon/spa etc. signs up 60 "Active" Loyal Customers (meaning the LC does not have to have their auto-ship still on, BUT they must have completed the 3 moth auto-shipment commitment and not canceled) and a PBV of 3,000 they will earn the $600 Loyal Customer Bonus (formerly known as the Car Bonus)!! This is paid out monthly as long as the requirements are met! That can help pay for part of the mortgage, lease or booth rental. They can make car payments, pay for education, groceries, salon supplies etc. with that LC Bonus!!! Don't forget about Wrap Rewards: for every 2 Loyal Customers the salon/spa signs up, they get to order a box of Facials for $19.95 or Wraps for just $25 and shipping is included in those prices! That brings their profit margin way up for wraps they are retailing. So their cost for a box of 4 Ultimate Body Applicator then becomes $6.25 each!!! A box of 4 facials is roughly $4.98!!! If they are retailing each wrap for $25, $30 or $35, then they are making money on top on money with Wrap Rewards!!

Fit Works:
ALSO... All Loyal Customers can be a part of the Fit Works Program for FREE (it use to be $29 mo. for LC to participate in the Fit Works Program)! And the salon/spa earns the "obvious" Commission Check too!!! If the Salon owner signs up any DTs within the salon, their Dts/Stylist etc. can earn these same pay and advantages...Can You Say Motivated Workers!

Creating Offers/Putting The Customer First ALWAYS = PROFIT for Salons: Your salon can offer the Loyal Customer program to their faithful customers or those that really LOVE the wraps or have big goals in firming saggy skin from weight loss or as the client is losing weight from any current weight loss effort they are doing (in other words it doesn't have to be Fit Works). It can be an exclusive "VIP" program that they can offer to those customers. Or offer it as a New Years Resolution Offer, Spring Slim Down Challenge, Super Skinny Summer program etc.. I personally think it should be offered to every customer that walks in the door. The LC program WILL benefit THEIR customers. The customer will have direct shipping to their home or business. If the client wants to bring the wrap in to have the salon owner put it on them, the owner can charge a small service fee for that.
* The client will earn up to 50% discount on all products!
* $50 in Perks Points (shopping spree) after 6th consecutive moth auto-shipment then
* $150 in Perks Points (shopping spree) (perk points) after their 12th consecutive months on auto ship.

en espaniol wraps

Espere que "lo último" resultados con este aplicador cuerpo increíble de 45 minutos! El aplicador Body es una envoltura de tela no tejida que se ha infundido con un potente, botánicamente fórmula a base de apriete máximo para entregar, tonificante y reafirmante de los resultados cuando se aplica a la piel.

Continuamente hidrata para más firme, suave, piel de apariencia más joven y reduce la apariencia de la celulitis y la piel relajamiento. Ver resultados en 45 minutos.

Cada caja contiene 4 aplicadores último cuerpo que se pueden aplicar a la zona de su elección, tales como el abdomen, espalda, piernas o brazos. Los aplicadores son fáciles de aplicar y vienen listos para usar.

Si es la primera vez que utiliza un aplicador último cuerpo, se recomienda que sólo se deja la venda durante 45 minutos para poner a prueba la sensibilidad de la piel a los ingredientes naturales con propiedades desintoxicantes. Para obtener los mejores resultados, utilice Definición de gel dos veces al día durante su uso el aplicador.

Otras buenas prácticas:

Además de la ducha antes de su uso o lavar el área con agua tibia, exfoliante antes de aplicar los aplicadores es útil. Cualquier cosa que pueda estar en su piel que podrían interferir con la absorción, tales como jabones hidratantes o jabones líquidos y lociones podría ser un problema. Estos productos dejan una película y puede impedir que alguien viendo los resultados. Una solución es utilizar funciona gel limpiador u otro jabón natural antes de usar el aplicador. Utilizando el tóner antes de la aplicación también abre los poros para una máxima absorción.

- Asegúrese de envolver la misma área de varias aplicaciones antes de pasar a otra área del cuerpo! También asegúrese de beber la mitad de su peso corporal en onzas por día para ayudar a eliminar las toxinas de su cuerpo.

- Algunas personas no tienen como muchos poros o tienen la piel más gruesa por lo que puede tomar más tiempo para ver resultados, debido a que la tasa de absorción no es lo mismo.

Curtido (Solarium / o camas de bronceado sin sol bronceadores) puede hacer que la piel muy seca, por lo que es más difícil para los ingredientes en el aplicador para penetrar a través de los poros. Usando gel Definición de una semana o dos antes de usar los aplicadores Ultimate puede ayudar.

- Fumar puede causar acumulaciones de toxinas. Uso regular para librar el cuerpo de toxinas en el colon puede ayudar a obtener mejores resultados con el Aplicador de Ultimate.

- El sudor puede interferir con los ingredientes que son absorbidos por el aplicador Ultimate a través de los poros. La gente no debe hacer ejercicio o participar en cualquier actividad que cause la transpiración mientras se usa el aplicador Ultimate.

- La eliminación intestinal deficiente puede causar la acumulación de exceso de toxinas. Regular puede ayudar a desintoxicar el colon.

- El exceso de exposición a tóxicos (. Salones de IE / Tintorerías o Plantas Industriales / Control de Plagas / etc) pueden causar una acumulación de toxinas. Uso regular y el aplicador Ultimate siempre puede ayudar a eliminar estas toxinas.

- Evite las bebidas carbonatadas (tanto regular y la dieta) y el alcohol cuando se utiliza el aplicador Ultimate. Ambos son altos en toxinas debido al contenido de azúcar y los ingredientes artificiales.

Cuando se utiliza el aplicador Ultimate, están la desintoxicación de su cuerpo. Os animo a continuar la desintoxicación, ya que para algunas personas puede tomar más tiempo para ver resultados. Usted tendrá que ser diligentes al respecto. Recuerde, el aplicador Ultimate sigue trabajando hasta 72 horas después de la aplicación. Para obtener resultados óptimos, trate de envolver 72 horas de diferencia con tanta frecuencia como sea posible. Usted puede intentar utilizar el gel de la definición de dos veces al día. Además, tome en cuenta al ver que los contornos del cuerpo puede estar cambiando, y no puede observar los resultados en sí mismo, al igual que otros lo hagan.